Caring for your Story

caring for collections – beautiful art, personal letters, diaries and precious photographs in cairns and fnq.


Removal of Tape from watercolour, Untitled Painting, Private Client

Repairing, conserving and caring for cultural collections

Melanie Sorenson, of Sorenson Art Conservation is a paper and photographic conservator with a passion for the history behind what makes our culture so rich. Operating from Cairns, North Queensland, she is dedicated to the repair and revival of artworks and heirlooms embedded with history, stories and meaning.

Her practice is her heart-felt contribution to our community and culture.

Hi, I'm Melanie

Through a skill I have honed for over a decade, I conserve complex material heritage and irreplaceable art and objects.

As the only qualified conservator in the Far North Queensland region, with practical knowledge founded on formal qualifications and experience in national and state collecting institutions, I repair, conserve and care for North Queensland’s valued collections and most precious keepsakes to museum quality standards.


Caring and conserving your story now, so it can echo into the future.

“As a subject matter expert for over 15 years, I help people regain intangible connections to memories, heritage and a sense of place through their tangible artefacts.”

Melanie Sorenson

Sorenson-Art-Conservation_hand-craftsmanship-repair-careThe Process

Sophisticated craftsmanship cannot be replaced mechanically or by machine. Your valued items are treated by hand, using hand-made materials, tools and techniques that keep tradition alive.

Sorenson-Art-Conservation_studioThe Studio

Where I honour every object I treat with my understanding of the chemistry and nuance of the materials. Each treatment is given my undivided attention, care and respect, from beginning to end.

Work with Melanie

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